I’m a third grade teacher and to be honest, I have never felt comfortable teaching writing. Before we had Captain Write in our school, my writing period was basically students journaling and daily language lessons where students had to edit a few sentences posted on the board. My students were not receiving the rich writing instruction they are receiving now with Captain Write.

My writing period is now so much more dynamic. Now, I give mini lessons on how to develop ideas, on how to infuse voice in their writing, on how to organize their writing, and how to improve their sentences and other language skills necessary to being an effective writer. Additionally, I know how to conference with my students more effectively and what to conference with them about. Captain Write has made me a better writing teacher.”

Captain Write is our hero! Before he arrived at our school our teachers were full of frustration and could not seem to get a grasp on how to effectively teach writing to our students. Over 80% of our student population is made up of English Language learners and nothing came easy to them when it came to writing.  Now, our whole school is aligned when it comes to delivering effective writing instruction, our teachers are confident when it comes to teaching writing, and our students are engaged in the writing process through the exciting characters and achieving in writing and are more confident writers!

As a literacy specialist, Captain Write has made my job much easier, because our teachers, especially our new teachers, don’t have to be trained as much in writing instruction as we had to before with other programs. Other writing programs rely heavily on training teachers on a certain approach and then afterwards teachers are on their own to develop their own lessons. Captain Write’s framework is included in the manual for teachers to refer to and have hundreds of comprehensive and systematic lessons for them and their students to follow along. Writing has never been more fun to teach and learn at our school!”   

This year was the first year we implemented Captain Write in our school and I was shocked to see the improvement of my students’ writing! I was particularly amazed on how my special education student went from not being able to write one complete sentence to now writing complete essays with great ideas, voice, and well developed sentences. I am so thrilled with the difference Captain Write has helped me make in my students’ lives.”   

Captain Write and the Super Writers have made teaching writing less complicated and so much more enjoyable. Before our school became a Captain Write school I spent so many frustrating hours modeling writing to my students and I     never felt like there was enough time to cover everything I needed to cover for my students to become well rounded writers. Now, instead of tediously creating modeled samples for my students, I spend time having meaningful discussions with my students about the important aspects of writing. I am very thankful that my school has become a Captain Write school.”  

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