Heroes for Education – Captain Write and the Super Writers

1.  What is the Captain Write and the Super Writers program all about?

“Captain Write and the Super Writers”, or otherwise known as Captain Write, is a research based writing program.  Its systematic and comprehensive approach has proven to help all students meet and excel in writing. Captain Write helps teachers deliver engaging and meaningful writing instruction using the 5 Pillars of Writing Instruction: Student Motivation, the Structure of an Effective Writing Lesson, the Writing Traits, the Writing Process, and Diagnosing Planning Intervening.

2.  How does this program engage students?

Students are transformed into writing super heroes in training! Captain Write’s team of Super Writers help students develop their writing super powers to take on Couch Potato Man and his unruly mob of writing misfits in 6 separate missions: Brainstorming Mission vs. Dr. No Brain, Mapping Mission vs. Kay Oss, Drafting Mission and Mission Revision vs. Moe NOTonous, Editing Mission vs. Con Vengeance, and Mission Publishing vs. Couch Potato Man!

3.  How long is a writing period?

Captain Write provides modeled writing with each lesson so teachers may deliver critical modeling writing instruction without a writing period stretching past an hour. A typical writing period takes approximately between 45 to 60 minutes.

4.  What does a writing period look like with Captain Write?

The components of an effective writing lesson, the Writing Traits, and the Writing Process are delivered cohesively in each writing period. Teachers teach lessons on skills from the Writing Traits that correlate to the part of the Writing Process students will be working on that day. During the Writing Process, students implement the skills they learned into their own writing, while teachers utilize three strategic types of conferencing to best intervene with student needs. Finally, students share how they implemented the focus skill into their writing to reinforce, motivate, and re-teach.

5.  Does Captain Write address voice instruction?

Captain Write has developed the new standard in teaching style and voice in writing. Instruction in voice will no longer be vague now that Captain Write has identified “Super Voice Powers” so all students can use and have success with injecting style and voice into their personal writing.

6.  How does this Captain Write help you to differentiate writing instruction?

A framework for diagnosing students’ writing is conveniently provided for teachers, teachers pinpoint individual needs, so that they may plan and intervene strategically with individual students.

7.  Does Captain Write align to the Common Core?

Captain Write aligns with Common Core writing standards and language standards. (Captain Write Common Core alignment sheets and long-range plans with Common Core standards are available.)

8.  What grade level is Captain Write for?

The Captain Write series is now available for specific grade levels, Kindergarten through 5th grade, and a multi-grade (Grade 3-5) edition as well.

9.  Does it work with ELL students?

Captain Write was developed to reach all students, but specifically disadvantaged and English language learners. All the strategies in Captain Write were formulated and tested in poverty and high ELL populated schools. This program has proven to effectively reach students and help them exceed writing standards in National and State testing. Captain Write is rich in vocabulary and language development instruction, making it an ideal tool to reach students who are learning the English language.

10.  How long does it take to receive a Captain Write order?

Orders are shipped 4-6 weeks after receipt.

Need more information?

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