3rd Grade Classroom Set PREMIUM


  • 6 Missions in the writing process for students
  • 14 chapters with 5 lessons within each chapter
  • Guided Lessons for the complete school year
  • Writing Grades 3
  • Includes writing trait instructions
  • Easy to follow writing framework
  • Classroom Set: 1 Teacher’s Edition, 20 Student Editions, 20 Student Workbooks
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Writing has been a teaching labyrinth, with more questions than answers, for too long. Luckily teachers have a new ally in teaching writing, Captain Write and his Super Writers. Captain Write and his trusty sidekicks will help you in teaching writing to all students using the Pillars of Writing Instruction. They will assist you in keeping your students engaged and teach them strategies that will simplify complex writing skills and help them obtain SUPER WRITING POWERS!

Premium Set includes:  1 Teacher’s Edition (Hardcover COLOR), 20 Student Editions (Hardcover COLOR), 20 Workbooks (Softcover COLOR) pp. 388 [Teacher] pp. 304 [Student] pp.164 [Student Workbook] Publisher: Heroes for Education © 2013 Grade 3



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