Case Study


Captain Write is a writing program developed in Nevada for helping disadvantaged elementary school children and less experienced English teachers excel in the difficult world of writing. The 962 children who were originally introduced to Captain Write attended school, in the Las Vegas area, from a low income area (100%), in grades K through 5. 100% participated in their school’s free lunch program and approximately 85% were Latino and 7% African American.  71% had only limited English proficiency and little or no additional English support from their family.


Although 26% of the students in Nevada achieved “Meets Standards and Above.” only 7% of students in the test school could meet those same standards.


Create an exciting new writing program that capitalized on existing student interests, such as graphic novels and super hero concepts. These visually stimulating formats and themes could be blended with a common sense approach to writing instruction that could clearly excite both teacher and student.

Enter Captain Write and the Super Writers. This newly created “visually stimulating” approach to writing instruction features both super heroes and villains. Captain Write is at odds with Couch Potato Man who continually tries to disengage students’ interest from both reading and writing. Each cartoon character has a supporting team. The Super Writers are 4 elementary school aged characters that support all of the correct aspects of writing. Couch Potato’s henchmen are many and varied who attempt to convince students to do the easy, lazy and wrong things.

Captain Write and his team enlist the aid of students to become Super Heroes themselves and help defeat the “evil forces” of writing.


After only 3 years of teaching the Captain Write program, over 78% of the schools students could now achieve “Meet Standards and Above.” This success, while being phenomenal in itself, was not only limited to writing but also made a remarkable impact on math with an achievement of over 91% “Meets Standards and Above.”